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Margaret Greenwood Blake Athlete Profile

Margaret Greenwood Blake

Margaret Greenwood Blake
Hall of Fame: 1984

  • 1984 Women's Tennis

1984 Hall of Fame Inductee

Athletes tend to be specialists. The amount of time, effort, and concentration required to excel in sports make it a challenge to be successful in more than one event in college. Yet Margaret Greenwood Blake was successful not only in one sport or even two. She excelled in six different sports in her years at BYU.

Included in her collection of activities were tennis, field hockey, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and track. Her career spanned from 1962-67 during which she won 27 singles and doubles tournament titles in tennis at the same time she was winning seven gymnastics crowns. She still had time to earn a Junior National rating in basketball in 1964 and a National rating in volleyball in 1967.

Margaret's academic life was as diversified as her sports. She completed a B.S. degree with a double major in physical education and art education, then went on to get an M.S. degree in physical education.

When Margaret left BYU, her athletic experience continued as she competed in L.D.S. Church sponsored sports where her success developed at BYU goes on. She is married to Karl Blake.