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Questions related to the Cougar Club


Questions related to Football and Basketball season tickets

Q: What is the Cougar Club?
A: The Cougar Club is the official booster organization for BYU Athletics. The Athletic Department receives no tithing money or tax dollars to run BYU’s athletic programs. The Cougar Club is responsible for raising the funds to pay for Athletic Department expenses including student-athlete scholarships, coaches’ salaries, and recruiting expenses, as well as funding the facilities and programs associated with each of BYU’s 21 athletic teams.

Q: Why is the Cougar Club necessary?
A: The Cougar Club exists to

  • Support BYU student-athletes
  • Support BYU coaches
  • Share the mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Brigham Young University through Athletic Excellence

BYU fans expect athletic excellence from our teams.  The Cougar Club is committed to supporting all of our student-athletes and coaches so they can achieve excellence by attracting and retaining high-quality coaches, providing world-class facilities, and promoting unique and exemplary programs here at BYU. The generous support of Cougar Club members across the globe makes it possible for BYU student-athletes to reach their athletic and academic goals and to compete at the highest levels possible.

Q: What do you do with donations?
A: Athletic donors may specify which teams or athletic priorities benefit from their contributions. Donations to the general Cougar Club Fund cover the operating expenses of all BYU teams including: student-athlete scholarships, team travel, recruiting, equipment and facilities, and other expenses.

Q: How much do I have to donate to the Cougar Club?
A: Cougar Club annual membership levels begin at $60 annually; however, donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated. In gratitude to our donors, Cougar Club members enjoy unique benefits, which vary by contribution level. 

Q: I live out of state. Why should I join the Cougar Club?















A: BYU Athletics is self-sustaining and receives no tithing or tax dollars to run its programs. Game ticket sales provide only a small portion of the money required to operate our 21 NCAA teams. In order to be competitive, we need the support of Cougar fans wherever they may live. When you join the Cougar Club, you help provide scholarships and state-of-the-art facilities for our student-athletes, and we have the resources to attract the nation’s best coaches to BYU. Your membership in the Cougar Club makes a difference in the quality of BYU Athletics. There are also unique benefits, like free almanacs, specifically for out-of-state members.

Q: I’m not wealthy. Why do you need me to donate?
A: There are many ways to help the Cougar Club. Whether your donation is large or small, your assistance makes a difference in our ability to achieve success in competitions, and makes it possible for BYU student-athletes to pursue their academic and athletic goals. Because BYU Athletics receives no tithing money to run its programs, the success of our athletic program depends heavily on gifts. Without donor contributions of all sizes, we could not compete at a high level.

Q: Why should I give to BYU Athletics?
A: The BYU Athletic Department operates on a self-sustaining basis. No tithing money or tax dollars are used to support any of the intercollegiate athletic programs at BYU. While gate receipts from football and basketball help fund the other 19 sports, ticket sales alone provide only a portion of what the program needs to support scholarships, worldwide recruiting, state-of-the-art facilities, and the many other projects that are necessary to maintain athletic excellence.

Q: How can I make a donation?
A: There are many ways to make a donation to BYU Athletics. Payments can be made via cash, check, or credit card. In some situations, we are also able to accept in-kind gifts (such as goods or services the athletic department uses and would pay for if they were not donated). Donors can also contribute by donating appreciated securities and stock gifts. If you need help with stock transfers, estate planning, or planned gifting to BYU, we have trained professionals who can help with the process.

Click here to make an online donation, or feel free to contact the Cougar Club Office at 801-422-2583 or 800-426-4298 to make your gift or for more information about gifting methods.

Q: What if I want my donation to go to a specific sport, project, or individual?
A: As a donor to BYU Athletics, you can specify which priority or team you want your contribution to benefit. In larger sports, such as football, you are able to specify the position you want your contribution to support. While a specific student athlete is assigned to donors who fund an annual or endowed scholarship, due to NCAA regulations, donors may not earmark a contribution to support a specific individual.

Q: I don’t attend the games – Why should I donate to BYU Athletics?
A: The purpose of BYU Athletics is to support our coaches and student-athletes and to enable them to share the mission of the LDS Church and Brigham Young University through athletic excellence. Whether you are able to attend the games or not, we need your help. When you make a donation to the Cougar Club, you help our student-athletes achieve excellence and assist them to serve as role models and ambassadors for BYU and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Q: What do I get when I give to the Cougar Club?
A: First, and foremost, when you give to the Cougar Club, you receive the satisfaction of knowing your donation is helping our student-athletes achieve their academic and athletic dreams and, at the same time, spreading the message of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and BYU.

In addition, Cougar Club members can enjoy specific athletic benefits depending on their contribution level, including priority ticketing options for football and basketball games (including season and single-game purchases, as well as bowl games, away games, and post-season tournaments), special luncheons with BYU coaches and players, parking passes for athletic events, e-mail updates, and invitations to attend other exclusive Athletic Department events.



Football and Basketball Season Ticket Questions

Q: How do I receive priority seating for season tickets?
A: In order to receive priority seating, Club Members must start or renew their membership before the annual priority-seating deadline. For football and basketball season tickets there is a priority buying period during which each club member (based on membership level and priority points) selects their own seating location(s). You can also order tickets on-line at or by calling (800-322-2981 or 801-422-2981) or visiting the Marriott Center Ticket Office. Your membership must be current to receive consideration for priority seating.

Q:  How are seats allocated?
A: Seats requested by all Cougar Club Members are allocated according to their membership levels, starting with the Legacy V ($250,000+) level members and continuing through the Young Alumni ($50) level.   

Legacy Members are allocated by level. Within each Legacy level, a donor's total historical athletic gifting is converted to a priority point system to  rank members of the same level. For example, if you gave $10,000 to become a Legacy I, your ranking is 10,000. Additional gifts and annual contributions add to your ranking. So if you gave $10,000 and then made your required annual Legacy contribution of $1,000 for the next 3 years, your ranking would be at 13,000.

The purchase of Premium Seating (Legacy East Chair, Cougar Club East Chair, Courtside Cougars, and Loge leases) also counts in each Legacy member’s total historical athletic gifting. Such ticket purchases enhance a Legacy member’s ranking within his or her level; they DO NOT count towards reaching a higher Legacy level, nor fulfill the requirement to make an annual Legacy contribution.

For example, if you are a Legacy I and have donated $20,000, and then purchased 6 East Legacy Chairs (valued at $1,100 each) your total athletic gifting ranking would be 26,600 (Legacy contributions of 20,000 + 6,600 in premium seating purchases).  

After we have ranked each Legacy member by level, we allocate seats to the highest ranked member at that level and proceed one by one to allocate each donor at that level. We look at each donor’s seating request and place his or her seats as close to what was requested in the remaining seats available. We undertake this same procedure every year; as a result, your seats can change from year to year because rankings change, new Legacy members join, and different seats are available each year.  

Annual Members (Golden – Young Alumni) are allocated by the level of their most recent gift and by the number of consecutive years they have been a Cougar Club member (since this policy was implemented in 1993). For example, if you are a Silver Cougar, making a donation of $500 annually year, you receive one point for each consecutive year that you donate. A Silver Cougar who has donated 10 consecutive years will have 10 points and will be assigned their requested seating ahead of any other Silver Cougars who have been club members 9 consecutive years or less. Club members who upgrade to a higher level carry their points for years of continuous membership with them to the higher level. Among club members of the same level and the same number of years of continuous membership, priority is determined by an annual random selection.

Q:  How many seats can I purchase?
Your membership level determines the number of priority seats that you can purchase. Legacy 5’s can purchase up to 10 seats, Legacy 4’s can purchase 8, and Legacy 3 through the Golden Cougars Levels may purchase up to 6 seats, Silver and Bronze Cougars up to 4 seats, and Regular Cougars & Young Alumni up to 2 seats. 

Q:  Can I sit with my friends?
Yes, you can always request to sit with your friends; however if donors of different levels request seating together, all of the seats are allocated at the lowest member’s priority. In making a request to sit with other club members, it is extremely helpful if each member of the group lists the club membership numbers of the other donors they want to sit with on their ticket application.

Q:  Can I request chair seats (and will I get them)?
While club members of any level may request Chair Seats on the West side of the stadium, due to the very limited number of west chair seats available, typically only donors with a priority of Legacy I or above can be accommodated in Legacy West Chair Seating.

On the East side of the stadium, Golden and Legacy Members may request seats in Legacy East Chairs (section 34). In Cougar Club East Chairs (sections 33B And 35A), Silver Cougars, Golden Cougars, and Legacy Members may request seats. Seating availability and location in these sections is based on membership level. Each year we re-seat all three of these sections. Due to high demand and rapid growth in the Legacy program, seating locations can change and some club members who previously qualified may not be able to purchase seats in these sections. If we can’t place you in your preferred section, we will place you in the next best section and seat you based on your priority in that section.

Q:  How can I get better tickets?
The easiest way to improve your seating assignment is to upgrade your membership level and have your seats assigned at a higher priority.  Annual members may upgrade to Legacy by committing to pay $12,000 or more in a period of three years or less.  Legacy Members may improve their seating by creating a gifting plan to raise their membership to the next level by making scheduled payments over several years.

Also, regardless of your level, it’s important to clearly communicate your seating preferences. The more clarity and the more options you can give us as you request your seating, the better the possibility of us assigning seats as close as possible to your seating preferences. If you had a location that you didn’t prefer last season, please let us know at the time you request your season tickets. Orders that arrive with no expressed preference are assigned as close as possible to their location for the previous season. Please recognize that although your seating priority becomes higher for each year that you are an active Cougar Club Member, it is still possible to receive less desirable seats (higher, farther from the 50, etc.) because of the number of new members joining at higher levels of the Cougar Club.

Q:  Are seat locations guaranteed?
 No, Cougar Club seat locations are not guaranteed. Club members may see movement in their seat locations depending upon the purchases made by donors at higher levels. The only seats that are guaranteed are those associated with ticket rights purchased by original and expansion donors to the stadium, a program that is no longer available.

Q:  I haven’t received my season ticket renewal form or I want to order tickets.  What should I do?
You can order tickets on-line at, or by calling the Marriott Center Ticket Office at 801-422-2981 (local) or 800-322-2981 (toll free).  The Marriott Center Ticket Office will e-mail a season ticket renewal form to everyone who ordered tickets last year. Club members who didn’t purchase tickets last year or are new club members may call the ticket office or purchase season tickets on line. It is very important that you use the same membership number on your Cougar Club card in order to receive priority seating.  

Q:  When do I have to order my tickets?
There is a specified buying period for season football and season basketball tickets. We will publish this date in emails sent out by the Cougar Club.  We will also publish individual game, bowl game and tournament ticket buying periods in periodic emails.

Q:  Can I purchase more tickets than my Cougar Club level allows? 
A: Yes, but the extra tickets you request will be placed after the Cougar Club priority (for all levels); the additional tickets may be in a different area of the stadium than your club priority seats.

Q:  Can I purchase tickets for away games?
A: Club members may request tickets for BYU’s away games through the Marriott Center Ticket Office. Club members receive priority for the “visiting team ticket block” that BYU receives up until 5 weeks prior to the game; it is wise to order early, as the ticket office begins selling to the public when season tickets go on sale. Availability, quantity, and location to away game seats are determined by Cougar Club membership level.

Club Members are reminded that the block of seats given to the visiting team will not be the best seats in the opposing school’s stadium. Occasionally it is possible to get better seats directly through the visiting school’s ticket office, or through other sources. Buying seats in BYU’s visiting team block ensures that you will be seated near other Club Members and BYU fans at the game; it is also the best way to get seats for away games where the opponent’s contests regularly sell out.

Q: Are away game tickets guaranteed? 
A: Unfortunately we do not know the demand that we will have for every away game or competition. Our policy is to take requests for away game events and fill them based on membership priority. In the event that ticket demand exceeds availability, refunds will be given to those that do not receive game tickets.