Floyd Johnson Staff Bio | Equipment Manager | BYU Cougar Club

Floyd Johnson Staff Bio | Equipment Manager

Floyd Johnson

1988 Hall of Fame Inductee


Genuine Johnson could be his name, but to many he is simply known as Floyd or "Brother J."

From the millions of socks to the lives of thousands of people, Floyd Johnson has touched the souls and soles of many for good.

Some know him as BYU's long-time equipment manager. Many others know him for his fatherly advice or his voluntary efforts to coordinate speaking assignments for athletes. Since 1957 he has scheduled BYU athletes to speak every week at church firesides, seminaries, and civic and school events. He is a popular speaker himself.

Floyd has designed specialty sports equipment that has reduced injuries-independently rotating shoulder pads (which enabled Eldon Fortie to play), hip pads, and face guard hinges to prevent neck injuries-all of which have been adopted by manufacturers as standard issue.

His many travels, including tireless hours driving the equipment van to and from BYU's road games, have been catalogued in his journals. Floyd has kept a personal record of every BYU athletic trip he has traveled and has penned the spiritual highlights of each one.

Often beginning his workday at 5:30 a.m. to the tumble and swish of washing machines, Floyd has mended holes, stitches ball gloves, determined jersey numbers, and made name labels for the backs of uniforms so that all could identify those in Cougar Blue.

In 1977 he was named Sigma Epsilon's Honorary Man of the Year.

He is the father of four children. In addition to the extra-mile help he has given youths as equipment manager, he has counseled many through his multiple callings as Latter-day Saint bishop, high councilor and scoutmaster.