Dale R. McCann Staff Bio | Cougar Club Director | BYU Cougar Club

Dale R. McCann Staff Bio | Cougar Club Director

Dale R. McCann

2002 Hall of Fame Inductee


Dale R. McCann’s contributions to the BYU Athletic department were given through decades of dedicated service, and his influence will be felt in men’s and women’s athletics at BYU for many years to come.

Dale became the director of the Cougar Club in it’s infancy and expanded the scope of athletic fundraising at BYU. He was instrumental in the growth of the Cougar Club as BYU’s official athletic booster organization and its development into one of America premier booster clubs.

His vision, hard work, and innovation are reflected in the Cougar Club and the loyalty of its membership; the Club grew to more than 4,000 members during Dale’s 24-year tenure.

In 1975, Dale’s first year as the director, the Cougar Club raised thousands of dollars. Through Dale’s leadership, by the 1990s the Cougar Club was raising more than $1,000,000 annually and setting the standards by which other conference booster groups measured themselves.

Never asking for credit or seeking the spotlight, Dale’s often-overlooked efforts aided in the creation of the Cougar Room, expanded the Cougar Club Board of Directors and Club Chapters; assisted in the financing for LaVell Edwards Stadium; laid the foundation of the Legacy program; and provided annual donor funding of recruiting and media guides for all of BYU’s teams.

Dale’s approach to his job was unique among booster directors. Unlike other booster clubs, that were concerned only with season records and scoreboards, the Cougar Club committed itself to student-athletes’ success both on and off the field.

As a result the Cougar Club developed and sponsored enhancement programs including the Academic Athlete Banquet, Athletic Hall of Fame, and the Club’s Reception for Female Athletes; Cougar Club also provided annual funding for the tutoring, academic mentors, and study hall computers provided to BYU student-athletes through the Student Athlete Center.

Dale’s dedication to the Cougars and his athletic department colleagues endured countless bouts with cancer, polyarthritis, and other symptoms and side effects. Through it all, Dale was constant, kind, and uncomplaining.

His commitment to BYU and to the Cougar Club was unparalleled in his life, with two beautiful exceptions: his abiding love for his family—his wife, Andrea, their children (Dale, Darin, David, Kristen, Melissa, Marcy, Molly, Devan, Macy, and Marc), and 26 grandchildren, and his strong devotion to his religious beliefs.

Club members, colleagues, and coworkers will always remember Dale’s life and his accomplishments at BYU.