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Rondo Fehlberg Staff Bio | Athletic Director

Rondo Fehlberg

1987 Hall of Fame Inductee


In the 1970s, wrestling coach Fred Davis was in a mat master's paradise: two families were sending him what appeared to be an endless supply of wrestling champs: the Hansens and the Fehlbergs.

From the later family came Rondo Fehlberg, the second of four Fehlberg brothers to wrestle on the team.

A native of Worland, Wyoming, Rondo had an illustrious career on the BYU wrestling team, winning Western Athletic Conference championships in his weight class his sophomore, junior, and senior years, and earning a collegiate record of 74-17, with 34 pins.

His final year on the team, Rondo had a 23-2 record, including 14 pins, taking him to the NCAA championships in College Park, Maryland, in March, 1972. There he raced to the quarterfinals where he faced the previous season's second place NCAA finisher.

During the match Rondo suffered an uncommon wrestling injury, tearing cartilage in his knee and pulling the hamstring muscle in his upper leg. Defaulting the match, Rondo was taken to a local hospital and treated.

His drive to compete wouldn't let him stay down, however. Borrowing a pair of crutches that same day, he discharged himself, returned to the tournament, and convinced another team's physician to splint the injured leg so he could continue. Grappling on one good leg, he won two more matches, wrestling his way to a 5th place national finish and an All-American ranking.

Rondo was an assistant to Coach Davis during 1973-74, and again while attending the J. Reuben Clark Law School from 1976 to 1979.

After spending several years as a practicing attorney and corporate lawyer, Rondo was a manager of International Negotiations for Standard Oil Production Company in Houston, Texas. In 1995, Rondo brought his corporate experience to BYU to serve as the Cougar's athletic director. He worked in that capacity for four years.