2016 Football Game-Day Activities | BYU Cougar Club

2016 Football Game-Day Activities

Football Game-Day Activities

In response to the requests of donors like you, BYU Athletics is offering more PreGame Activities and Game-Day Hospitality Options than ever before. For the upcoming season we are pleased to host qualifying Club Members in the following venues.

East Club Hospitality Tent  Club Members who purchase season tickets in Section 34 (and selected areas in Sections 33-B and 35-A) enjoy a pregame buffet meal, as well as half-time and post-game hospitality, in the comfortable temporary building located northeast of the stadium.  Other benefits include game programs and cooler bags with treats.

Premium Hosting  The Cougar Room has been remodeled to become the most-exclusive hosting area in the stadium.  Reserved tables in the Cougar Room are available for purchase where Club Members can enjoy PreGame Dining with their family, friends, and business associates.  Participating Club Members also enjoy half-time dessert selections and more.

Loge Seating Club Members may purchase their own press box loge (suite) for the season.  Each loge includes seating for 12, meal credit in the loge buffet area, and parking passes.  Loges start at $25,000/season.

PreGame Briefings Club Members enjoy short presentations by former players, media members, athletic administrators, and more prior to each home game.  These events start one hour prior to kick-off, with the program lasting about 30 minutes. Beginning this season, the PreGame Briefings will be held in the “Blue Zone” Room on the northwest corner of the stadium. While we would like to accommodate everyone who would like to attend, space constraints in this new venue may limit participation by everyone who has attended in the past.

This season Athletic Director’s Circle & Legacy Members may make PreGame Reservations on Monday the week of the game.  Athletic Director’s Circle and Legacy Levels 4, 5, 6 may reserve up to 6 seats; Legacy Levels 1, 2, 3 may reserve up to 4 seats.  Reservations will open to Platinum & Golden Cougars (who may reserve up to 4 seats) on Tuesday, with reservations for Silver Cougars (2 seats) opening on Wednesday.  We will continue to offer walk-up seating on game-day, on a first-come first-served basis, for all Club Members who are Bronze level or higher.

In order to accommodate as many Club Members as possible, it is critical that all who make PreGame Reservations actually attend the event.  Accordingly, Club Members who make reservations that are not used cannot reserve seats for the next PreGame event.  We will release additional information about the PreGame Briefings as the season approaches.

If you would like more information about any of these game-day hosting opportunities, please call the Cougar Club Office (801-422-2583).